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Barcelona, Spain
Currently Senior Studio Art Director at King Games Barcelona Casual Studios. I am a Senior level Art Director/ Visual Development Artist, trained in traditional animation, VFX and games, living in Barcelona, Spain. My last role was as Head Of Art at Wooga games studios in Berlin. I am a UK citizen, with permanent residency status in Australia. I have worked all over Europe, Asia and Australia for most of the last 20 years, creating designs and concept art for environments, vehicles, props, and also storyboard and layout. I also have experience as overseas supervisor for outsourced production of animation and other assets... Watch this space for updates on where I am on an ongoing basis. I can be contacted on-

Thursday, 15 November 2012

More updates 11/2012

Animated Show Concept

Olympics video game style guide 1

Olympics video game style guide 2

Olympics video game style guide 3

Olympics video game style guide 4

Olympics video game style guide 5

Olympics video game style guide 6

More Updates 11/2012

Extreme Sports Thumbnails 1

Extreme Sports Thumbnails 2

Extreme Sports Thumbnails 3

Extreme Sports Thumbnails 4

AD work various samples- Dieselpunk Racing/ Graphic Soccer style

The Racers- AD by me, designed by John Bernales

Dieselpunk Racing- AD by me, painted by Sacha Believ

Football game graphic style- AD by me, rendered by John Bernales

Football game graphic style- AD by me, rendered by John Bernales

The Burrow

Updates 11-2012

Overgrown Cityscape

Overgrown Cityscape 2

Overgrown Cityscape 3

Overgrown Cityscape 4

Overgrown Cityscape 5

Overgrown Cityscape 6

Overgrown Cityscape 7

Overgrown Cityscape 8

Overgrown Cityscape 9

Overgrown Cityscape 10

Overgrown Cityscape 11
Hacked Apache

Futurist City 1

Futurist City 2

Futurist City 3

Futurist City 4

Crashed Ship Int

Flying Cars 1

Flying Cars 2

Flying Cars 3

LONDON OLYMPIC GAMES VENUES. AD by me- Created by the talented team at SEGA Brisbane
London Olympic Venue 1

London Olympic Venue 2

London Olympic Venue 3

London Olympic Venue 4

London Olympic Venue 5

London Olympic Venue 6

London Olympic Venue 7

London Olympic Venue 8

London Olympic Venue 9

London Olympic Venue 10

London Olympic Venue 11
London Olympic Venue 12